Wish I Was Rose
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Care to dance Mrs. Gold?
I would love to.

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but we have some big questions here.
Which Doctor got in the fight?
What did they fight about? Inlaws issues?
Did she kick him out of the TARDIS?
How did he dress up like an otter?

okay but imagine Eleven with otters. imagine Eleven talking to otters and getting relationship advice from them. imagine Eleven replaying their kindness by building them a bigger on the inside dam (idk about the dam? is that otters or beavers that live in dams). 

I’m legit crying right now. 

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Rumplestiltskin and His Family in Their One Happy Minute

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Was I the only one that thought that look on Daryls face at the Grimes Family reunion, was a beth thinking face? I’m pretty sure he’s going to lose his shit (in a good way) when he reunites with Beth. Oh gosh, I cannot wait.


For those people being so freaked out about last night episode
#Rumple will always be ambitious, #he’s inloved with belle
#But that doent really mean he’s one of the good guys
#he protects his interest
#HE THINKS HE CAN HAVE BOTH #belle and power

(( not my gifs )) X 

Oh my god Belle is nearly crying just commanding Rumple with the dagger my heart is breaking.



Emma:Gold, we-
Belle:Rumple and I are leaving to an undisclosed location for a month long vacation.
Emma:You can't be serious, we-
Belle:You should owe him, to be quite frank. You've set him back in his Grumpykins persona.
Belle:The only remedy is love-making, belly rubbing and jigsaw puzzles by a fire.

Rumple’s characterization in this episode honestly feels completely off.


It’s like they’ve put him back to season 1 Rumple, where he had nothing to lose and like Belle means absolutely nothing to him.


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